Minerva College of Education – Its Genesis:


Having dwelt on the broad spectrum of Minerva, it is in the fitness of things now to reminisce on the glimpses of the College of Education and its genesis.


In the Vedic Age, the Education in India passed from Master to Student in the tradition of Guru-Sishya Parampara, in that, on attaining childhood, the student used to go to the Ashram (Gurukul) of the Rishi and remaining there under his tutelage.  In this process, the student while learning and becoming adept in the chosen field of education, was also learning the art of looking after the house-hold chores so that on completion of the studies and attaining adulthood, he could look after himself and his house-hold and manage the family affairs to the best of his ability.  With the passing of ages, this traditional way of education gave way for an orgnised system of school education to meet the growing needs of the society. This has naturally led to the need to produce   trained teachers to man these schools in the respective fields and subjects