Minerva, a fountain head for reaching Quality Education to the masses of the tribal and rural belt, has embarked on a novel venture in the year 2000 and established the College of Education to turn a dedicated band of trained teachers.

The college has been maintaining a high track record with 100% pass percentage and has already occupied a proud place with the placement of the students in reputed corporate institutions, and every year a good number of students are getting qualified through DSC Examinations and finding berths in Government schools.

 We, in the Minerva, make the students ever eager to participate and involve themselves in the conduct of workshops, seminars, symposia and co- and extra-curricular cultural and literary activities to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in the field of their training and the societal transformation and to make the campus life an enlivening one.

The faculty, apart from being well-qualified, show keen interest to keep themselves posted with the latest developments and innovations in the fast changing world and quite a good number of the faculty members continue to prosecute higher studies to qualify in M.Phil / Ph.D., to improve their own knowledge for career advancement and to pass on their expertise to make the student-teachers adept in their field of specialization.

In fine, we are confident, that with the resources- physical and human placed by the benign Management, at our disposal, we will be able to explore the potential in the students to bring the best out of them and also to continue to achieve the 100 percent success with improved individual performances.

I heartily welcome the prospective students to our college of learning and I wish them a comfortable stay.